Caricature of happy children
Caricature of happy children

Our Nursery

❝After working with pre-school children for over 30 years, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to open my own nursery in Mill Hill. I have a degree in Early Years Education and a special interest in children learning in an outdoor environment. Here at Helena’s Nursery, we value each and every child. We aim to instil confidence, independence and a passion for learning, ensuring all of our children are ready to take the next step to primary education.❞

- Helena: Owner, Helena's Nursery

Our Rooms

Our rooms - Petals , Sunflowers , & Roses . We have beautiful garden areas, an amazing outdoor forest classroom, and a wonderful messy play space!


Our Petals area is where it all begins and is specifically designed for babies from 9 months old. During this important phase, babies are exploring the inside and outside world around them with all their senses and their whole bodies and so our resources and activities support and encourage children’s strong exploratory impulses.

Our experienced and caring staff help babies to investigate the environment that they are in and familiarise themselves with their surroundings. Our babies take part in highly interactive activities that include play and sensory experiences, which enhances their emotional and social development. We also have a designated sleep room for our babies.


Our Sunflowers area is specially designed for our toddlers; leading to their very own outside garden and woodland environment. As babies grow, we aim to instil them with a curiosity, enthusiasm and excitement for learning through the three prime areas: personal and social, communication and language and physical development.

To encourage imaginative and creative attributes, we use a range of picture books, story telling, music, and finger rhymes to cultivate listening and understanding skills for toddlers. We help our toddlers to become independent little learners, actively exploring the environment around them whilst playing, exploring and building their confidence, alongside extremely caring adults.


Our Roses area is where our toddlers enjoy a balance of child initiated and adult led activities, both inside and outside. We continue to promote their independence and confidence to prepare them for their next steps into primary school.

Our teachers consider the individual needs, interests and development of each child in their care. They use this information to plan a challenging and enjoyable experience for each child; through a varied and extremely creative curriculum.


Our unique, outdoor learning experience is just as valuable as indoor learning. Being outside is a natural environment for children. We are extremely proud of our wonderful woodland environment, where all the children have the opportunity to learn outdoors every day. There is a freedom associated with the space which cannot be replicated inside.

The children connect with nature and get the fresh air and exercise they need. They also develop their communication, imagination and thinking skills; build their confidence and resilience. Most importantly they have lots of fun.

Being outside is a journey of discovery.