Caricature of happy children
Caricature of happy children

Healthy Start

Five a day, five a day, Keeps you fit in every way. Fruit & veg are good to eat, Healthy food can be a treat!

We recognise the importance of a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. This is reflected in our delicious, healthy and kosher meals which are freshly prepared every day.

Our lunches are catered for by The Baby Nurse, who work with a leading paediatric dietician to create a range of wholesome and natural children’s meals. All of our food is free from gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy, egg and genetic modification; and are without added sugar or preservatives. All meals are suitable for coeliac and reflux infants.

We plan our menu to ensure that we offer an array of foods; This helps to introduce children to a variety of different food tastes and textures. Meal times are social occasions and are a valuable time for our practitioners to talk to children about food. We believe that this will help develop social skills and good eating habits.

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We are also part of a government Nursery Milk Scheme, which provides full-fat milk daily. The children have access to water throughout the day and are encouraged to help themselves. All of our practitioners are aware of any special dietary requirements and allergies.

We build exercise into every day. This is vital for their physical and mental health and development. Our outdoor areas are utilised for music and movement sessions, walks through the forest and free play, strengthening gross motor skills.