Caricature of happy children
Caricature of happy children


From the day my son started at Helena's Nursery, he has arrived and left with a smile on his face. I feel reassured that he is well looked after and enjoying himself.
Lucy Azizi
My child loves it at Helena’s Nursery. The staff are so loving and kind, and I know he’s well looked after and constantly stimulated.
Sammy Korc
Nothing more could a parent want than their child running into nursery with a big smile every day. The staff are all so lovely and caring and so happy to have chosen Helena's nursery for my daughter.
Marni Chaskiel
The team at Helena's are exceptionally warm, nurturing and caring - my son literally runs into nursery every day and comes out happy and smiling from the love and warmth he receives there. I cannot recommend Helena's highly enough!
Laura Crespi
Helena's Nursery has been an amazing, warm and nurturing environment for my son. He has grown and learnt so much in such a short time. He loves coming in every day and the staff are so lovely and welcoming.
Melissa Grossman